We were floored (pun intended) with the turn out for our first Game Jam. We had a very enthusiastic group of kids at our office last Saturday creating games from scratch.

The Game Jam was held at our offices in downtown St. Louis and it was a blast! We had 60 spots open for registration and filled up to 59 RSVPs so it was a full house.  Of course our debut Game Jam would not have been possible without our generous sponsors and local St. Louis partners, Contegix & CodeRed Education.


The day started with passing out t-shirts and sketch guides. Only about a few of our attendees had created games with Floors before so it was great to see the expression of excitement when some of the kids figured out exactly what they would be doing all afternoon.


To start we let everyone create their own level with the help of the team and volunteers so they could learn the glyphs and how they can work together. Excitement ensues!


Rob Santos & Mark from the Pixel Press team were the judges for the end of the day contests which included Best Power Level, Best Creative Design & Fan Favorite! The Fan Favorite award was decided on by the attendees of the Game Jam, everyone got two stickers and was asked to vote on two levels (besides their own) that they thought was the most fun to play.


The Fan Favorite Level was Sky Hi by Elise, Avi, Ethan & Naomi, Best Power Level was Jet pack joy ride by Uriel, Isaac & Jacob & the Most Creative Level was  Run dodge win by Ben, Logan, Grace & Devin.  Click through to play each of the levels created by the teams at the Game Jam!

Run dodge win Winner of Most Creative Level!

Sky Hi  Winner of Fan Favorite Award!

Jet pack joy ride Winner of Best Power Level!

Kafoo created by Emma Jae, Gregory, & Logan

Watch out! created by Wyatt & Benton

Squirmy's Adventures created by Lucy, Andrew & Jack

Fizz Frenzy created by Dewon, Lillian, & Gabe

Ultimate Parkour Map created by Colin & James

The Enders Dragon Nest created by Calvin, Mason, & Sincere

Blazing Creed created by Brenden, Payton, Aaron, Ryan

Squirmy's Adventure created by Lucy, Andrew & Jack


We got a lot of questions asking about future Game Jams and we will be hosting more in the future, the soonest being this fall. If you are interested in helping us in future Game Jams please contact Katie.Burke@ProjectPixelPress.com

Photos and video courtesy of Galen Rath.