When our first app Pixel Press Floors went live in April, there was an outpouring of articles and tweets of support and praise.  Here are a few of the favorites from our team.

"Nintendo might not be building the Metroid of my dreams, but there could soon be an app that lets me do it myself." -Andrew Webster from the Verge.


"If you’ve ever dreamt about designing your own videogame but don’t know how to code, or if you’re simply a gaming fan, Pixel Press Floors is an app you definitely want to check out." -re/code


"Remember Pixel Press, the beautiful sounding app that promises to let you create your own video games by simply drawing them? Well, the thing has successfully completed its metamorphosis from an idealistic Kickstarter project into an actual thing that people can use. Huzzah! Now wouldn't it be great it that happened more often?" -Kotaku


"The games you make won't, of course, be winning any awards, but if you spent your idle time as a kid doodling the video-game level of your dreams, this is your chance to make it a reality — and for kids, seeing something they've drawn come to life would be pretty amazing."


"The best part about all of this is that the sketch sheets are free to download as well as this latest app for playing your sketched levels. You can then share your game with others in the Pixel Press Arcade on the app, which is pretty sick." -St. Louis Egotist