Our vision of play can’t be contained in a box.

The Pixel Press founders weren’t satisfied to simply play video games. They wanted to make them their own, to change them — to disrupt the status quo. After years of experimenting, researching, and iterating, they made it happen.

Using everyday digital cameras, our products transform paper drawings and building-block configurations into content that can be played, edited and shared on a variety of platforms: computers, tablets, game consoles and mobile phones. In short, it turns static images into interactive games.

To us, it’s about so much more than giving players the reigns. It’s about helping everyday people become mastermind architects. It’s about opening up entire universes. It’s about exercising your whole brain — the analytical left side and the creative right side. It’s about unlocking new potential at any age.

It started with Floors, a draw-and-play game that sets players free to create, play, and share their own games. Then came Adventure Time: Game Wizard, which allows fans of the Cartoon Network series to create their own adventures with their favorite characters. And now… We’ve introduced Bloxels, a build-and-play game that uses brightly colored building blocks to create and share games. 

And the future holds so much in store. The possibilities for players, educators and brands are infinite. 

The Pixel Press team at our office in downtown St. Louis.

The Pixel Press team at our office in downtown St. Louis.

Who is Pixel Press?

Pixel Press is a technology company based in Saint Louis. Our mission is to develop boundless experiences that empower people of all ages to create, share and play. We’re a small business, in a medium-sized city, and we’re bringing big ideas to life. 

We’re inspired by the opportunities that unfold by integrating the physical, “real” world with the digital, device-driven world. Media and entertainment properties, toys and video games, computers and mobile devices, educational programs and traditional storybooks — they can all become something surprising and even more engaging when combined with Pixel Press technology. 

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Our Team

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Let’s keep challenging the status quo, together. 



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