Pixel Press lets you draw and play your own video game, but where do you start? One way to find inspiration will be through the Pixel Press story modes, pre-made mini-games designed to get you familiar with Pixel Press Floors gameplay, as well as the characters and environments you’ll be creating with. Each story mode will come with fully designed levels, characters and objectives. You’ll be able to experience Pixel Press as a player before diving in as a creator. Story mode will be debuted, at launch, with the first, original Pixel Press license: Save the Parents!

Flip from Save the Parents

Welcome to Mercury, Ohio. A town where, weird, astronomical phenomena are everyday occurrences. As long as anyone can remember there have been UFO sightings, strange radio transmissions, even the lake at the center of town was formed by a meteor impact. Some scientists believe the odd physiology of most Mercurians is due to ingesting the mysterious elements found in the town’s water (water that comes from Lake Meteora of course).

Save the Parents

In Mercury, everyone thinks they’ve seen a UFO at some point in their life. But Flip knows he has. That’s why he formed C.O.M.E.T.T. (Children of Mercury, Extra-Terrestrial Trackers) along with his friends Melody, Miles, and WiFi. Together they keep an eye on the night sky, noting anything out of the ordinary. Including some otherworldly codes that have been picked up on WiFi’s satellites.

Enemies in Save the Parents

When the aliens from the planet Crux landed and began their invasion of Mercury, the Cometeers were ready for them. But it wasn’t the children the aliens were after. Instead, the Cruxian Foot Soldiers stole away the parents, shouting, “Only take the ripe ones!”


With all of the parents rounded up and taken away, The Cometeers regrouped and put together a plan.

Save the Parents

In Save the Parents you’ll play as the members of C.O.M.E.T.T.:

Characters of Save the Parents

Flip, the founder and leader of C.O.M.E.T.T., and a fan of every sport imaginable.

Melody, a devotee to after-school activities, especially band.

Miles, Melody’s baby brother, the youngest member of C.O.M.E.T.T. (and also the fussiest!)

WiFi, C.O.M.E.T.T.’s science expert, often forced to use whatever he can find lying around to build his equipment.

You’ll fight through four levels, with three floors each, defeating enemies and collecting pieces of alien code that will unlock the mothership and free the parents.

After finishing Save the Parents you’ll be able to use all of the characters, environments, and objects to build your own levels.

Make sure you’ve prepared yourself for the Cruxian invasion. It’ll be up to you to save the parents when Pixel Press Floors is released in this spring!