The drawing contest has come to a close! Submissions came in from all over the world and we are happy to announce our two winners. Our winner who is from outside of St. Louis was a Father/Son duo, Wyatt (5) & James (38) Truax from North Easton, MA. Their level’s name is “The Twisty X!” We enjoyed the use of moving platforms and portals in this one. The use of exploding blocks was also strategic and looked like a fun game to play. ”The Twisty X” will be featured in the Save the Parents story mode as a permanent level.

Our St. Louis winner will also have her level featured in Save the Parents but will also get to enjoy a pizza party at our offices in Downtown St. Louis! Anna’s level is named “Anna’s Banana Run” and the judges enjoyed that this level had a healthy balance of being challenging and fun at the same time.


Thanks to everyone who submitted levels and a BIG thank you to our Judges: Josh Stevens our Community Manager, Sam Coster from Butterscotch Shenanigans & Scott Delap from Riot Games.