Hey there Educators,

It's been such a heartwarming and inspiring experience to see the photos of your students using Pixel Press Floors. Thank you for sharing!  We are working with educators to bring you lesson plans and more exclusive content this summer in preparation for the school year in the fall.

Before school's out for the summer, Pixel Press wants to celebrate those last few weeks of the school year with a contest especially for our Educators!

The top 25 most played levels SUBMITTED BY YOUR CLASSROOM will receive a premium Sketch Kit.  The #1 most played level will get a 5x sheet!! The 5x sheet is great for a classrooms or kids at home who want to brainstorm ideas and erase them easily.  The 5X is to scale with the standard size Sketch Sheet so drawings can be easily captured the Pixel Press Floors app just like normal sized sheets. Our team brings the 5x to classroom visits because it makes a great teaching tool!


The play count will be totaled May 31st 11:59pm CST.  Read on to find out how!

Here is how to enter:

1. Post a photo of your classroom using Pixel Press Floors either on Twitter or Instagram. Please keep the text something along the lines of... "Hey @PixelPressGame, this classroom wants a 5X! Play level "(enter level name)" to help us win one!" use the hashtag #PixelPressFloors or #PixelPress if you'd like, but please make sure to mention us so it makes it to our main feed!

2. Don't forget to include the name of the level created by your class in your message. We will be keeping track of the play counts!

3. Find some creative ways to promote your level being played. You can also use the share feature to email your level to parents and friends!

We look forward to many more of your stories and photos. Again, the play count will be totaled May 31st 11:59pm CST.  If you can’t get enough Pixel Press you’ll want to tune in Thursday and listen to Katie chat with Brad & Drew on the The Two Guys Show. Use the hashtag #2GuysShow to join the conversation.