We’re excited about this update, most of all because you can now share your levels, others levels,and our high scores on Facebook and Twitter. If the player clicking the link has the app, it will take them right to that level. This means you can get more plays on your level just from sharing! Here are all of the updates in this version.

Major Updates

+ SHARE! You can now share a URL to your level on Facebook, Twitter and by Email. You can also share the app from the main toolbar and share your high scores. + Performance enhancements to Gameplay, Draw-In-App, and more that improves the experience on the iPad 3, iPad 2 and the iPad Mini

Minor Updates

+ Tap the level sketch on any level to see it full screen! This means you can now study a level before playing. (Only on Arcade levels for now) + Added an “oops” button to the pause menu for when you get stuck in a level. + Added a “level bubble” to the capture screen to help with alignment when capturing. + When browsing the arcade, scroll left and right to see the most recent, and tap “See All” to see many more. + Level names now allow special characters (sorry, no emoticons) + Updated horizontal and vertical glyph icons in Draw-In-App + Various bugs, fixed!

Oops button!
Level bubble to help with capture alignment.
Share on Twitter, Facebook and by Email.