Today we are releasing lesson plans that correspond to the Design Thinking Process using Pixel Press Floors in what we are calling the Teacher Pack. Tweet: #PixelPress is giving Educators FREE Lesson Plans! Download them today or share with a #teacher! #BackToSchool

In this video we feature two of our advisors, Ken Harold & Andrew Goodin explain how Pixel Press has been used in the classroom and their perspective on the Design Thinking Process.

Download the Pixel Press Lesson Plans Here!

As it was mentioned in the video, the lesson plans are divided into two lengths. Included in the Teacher Pack we have a 1 day lesson plan which is an appetizer to the 5 day plan where will really get into the Design Thinking Process and dig deep into all the steps involved.

We're excited about integrating into the education community.  Our software can be used to show students how core the concepts of creating games – such as ideation, hypothesis & validation, user testing and user empathy.  We’ve already seeing teachers using our technology to teach these principles.  With the assistance of Andrew Goodin from the GCAA Makerspace we were able to bring these lesson plans to the public for free. If you'd like to say "Thank you" to Andrew for creating the content, we'd appreciate it if you checked out the Amazon Wishlist for his classroom at the Makerspace.

Since every classroom is different, we encourage you to share how you altered these lesson plans to suit your class. Please share with our community of educators at the Pixel Press Education Forum.

If you do plan on incorporate our lesson plans we would love to hear what you thought. Please review your experience on our profile on You can also share photos and videos with us on our Facebook & Twitter pages.

Please help us share this news with the educators in your life. We have heard of many classrooms are going '1-1' with iPads for each student this year. If you know anyone who would find the lesson plans helpful, please help us spread the news!