We’ve been working with a lot of teachers lately, and one of them, Sharon Eilts of Columbia Middle School in Sunnyvale, CA reached out to us about how to leverage a platform like Pixel Press for Autistic students. Here a few thoughts Sharon shared with us: I work with middle school students with high functioning autism most of whom are very visual learners. They can get completely wrapped up in a drawing and concept and are currently creating activities on the computer using Scratch, a programming language from MIT. They love it! They love being able to make something happen especially as it showcases their abilities rather than their disabilities. I can envision giving them the opportunity to be able to create leveled drawings that become more complicated and then having those drawings come alive in a game as being a huge draw. Measurement and math skills as well as following a design would address a variety of areas from math to problem solving, to art. Having to explain and teach other students how to create and play the games would give my students opportunities to practice and increase their oral language and social skills in unique ways, not to mention how my students would be perceived by others in a new light. The Pixel Press game creation platform has so many diverse skill sets that my students need or are their strengths upon which I could help build and support their special challenges and gifts in a whole new way.

Thanks Sharon for sharing your experience, and for all the hard work you do for our students. We’re looking forward to working more closely with you as our platform develops and to find ways to engage the amazing people you get to work with every day.

- Robin

A picture of Sharon’s class at work.

Also, if you have ideas or well wishes for Sharon, please comment below or email me at robin@projectpixelpress.com and I’d be happy to connect you.