Last week we had a blast demonstrating our latest beta version of Floors with our supporters in St. Louis! As you may have read in our previous post, we held event in the tech space in the newly renovated St. Louis Public Library. We were so impressed with how many of you came with your floors drawn and ready to upload! Watching your drawings come to life never gets old for us.

Robin gave a tutorial of what we can expect in the levels at the first launch and hinted at some features that could potential be available in the future. A common question we got at the demo was “Are you open to suggestions of what we would like to see in the game?” and the answer is of course! Get in touch by messaging or writing on our Facebook wall.


It was an honor to have so many supporters show up for our demonstration and we had a great time playing with those of you who stopped by. We’d like to send an extra big thank you to Brock and his family who came to meet us all the way from Nashville! We had an awesome time meeting you, Brock!