We've had a lot of awesome press come in about the launch of Adventure Time Game Wizard on Monday, here is our favorites so far and we'll update this list through the first week of launch. Also we we're featured on the homepage of the App Store as well as various categories like Kids 9-11, thanks Apple for the great coverage.

Our favorite quotes from Apple, "Create and play games in this all-ages delight." and "Unleash the Adventure Time crew on levels handmade by you."

The Press

USA Today
3 TV-based apps kids will love

Draw your own levels in 'Adventure Time Game Wizard'

Touch Arcade Article & Forums
'Adventure Time Game Wizard' Brings 'Pixel Press Floors' to the Candy Kingdom

First Peek At Weird Al Yankovic As TheAdventure Time Game's Evil Wizard

Draw your own Adventure Time

Mac Observer
Pixel Press ‘Adventure Time’ for iPad Lets Kids Bring Games to Life

Geek Wire
Create your own ‘Adventure Time’ game with this new app

The Guardian
Adventure Time: new mobile game gets kids to create their own levels

Slash Gear
Adventure Time Game Wizard: DIY game building made super simple

App Advice
Cartoon Network's new iOS app lets you create your own 'Adventure Time' games

Cult of Mac
Create your own Adventure Time game in this great iOS app

Pocket Gamer
Adventure Time Game Wizard lets you make your own platforming game with Finn, Jake, and, erm, Weird Al Yankovic

Pixel Press Game for ‘Adventure Time’ Released

Doodle Wizard: The Role Weird Al Was Reborn To Play

Adventure Time Game Wizard for iOS lets you create worlds with pen and paper

Pocket Gamer
Adventure Time Game Wizard Review

Android Geeks
Best Android Games of the Week

Witcher Battle Arena, Shades, Adventure Time Game Wizard, Shadowmatic, and Terra Battle Are Our Games Of The Week

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