The Adventure Time Game Wizard’s App & Arcade Services
will no longer be available as of January 31st, 2019.

We’ve had a great run of building games with Jake & Finn and want to thank all of our builders for creating and sharing with us. You will still be able to build and play if you have ATGW installed on your device, however the app will no longer be available for download and the Arcade will no longer be available starting February 1st, 2019.

For additional help please visit Cartoon Network’s help portal here.



Introducing Adventure Time: Game Wizard

Check it out! Our new app, published by Cartoon Network and developed in partnership with Grumpyface!

When Finn and Jake happen upon a magical sketchbook, property of the mysterious Doodle Wizard, they quickly discover that anything drawn in the book comes to life!  Without hesitation they begin to sketch up their own adventures and watch as their drawings run around the pages right before their eyes… but it isn’t all fun and games, as it seems a nefarious presence lurks within the sketchbook’s pages. 

A presence that could have drastic consequences for the real Land of Ooo…


Watch the official trailer below!



Overview & Features


Finn and Jake face an all-new villain - The Doodle Wizard! Battle his sketchy army across a huge open world including the Grasslands, Candy Kingdom, Ice Kingdom, Dungeons, and more. Play for hours in Adventure Mode, or make your own adventures!


Use the Doodle Wizard’s secret glyph language to design custom video games. Fill your games with traps, loot, portals, enemies, and so much more! 



You can draw your games on paper and scan them in, or make mathematical levels directly in the app! Instantly turn your level design into a playable game! 


Game Wizard has tons of peeps to play with. Make and play games with Finn, Jake, BMO, Ice King, and Flame Princess! That’s some real A-list talent. 


Check out the Arcade to share your games, and play tons of games made by other players! Follow your favorite creators so you’ll never miss a new game.


Game Wizard features original voiceover from Finn, Jake, Ice King, Princess Bubblegum, and special guest “Weird Al” Yankovic as the Doodle Wizard. 

Draw your own Adventure Time games in GAME WIZARD! Wizards rule!

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Features include:

Screenshot 2015-01-17 19.45.04.png
  • Full story mode with hours of gameplay fun and 5 unique environments from the Adventure Time universe.

  • 7 swappable characters including Jake, Finn, BMO and Ice King

  • Lots of Adventure-Timey power-ups to collect like the Lumpy Space potion, a hoard of enemies to fend off, and 4 boss battles including a final face off with a brand new Adventure Time character, the nefarious Doodle Wizard (voiced by "Weird Al" Yankovic)

  • Upgrade characters and creator tools in the Game Wizard store by collecting and spending coins in the story mode and arcade.

  • Create your own games from paper or the in-game editor to combine up to 20 rooms of various sizes, design, test and then share on the Game Wizard Arcade.

  • A new and improved capture-from-paper engine and 3 new paper sizes: 20x20, 40x20, and 40x40. Download and print them here to get started!

  • A getting started tutorial and the new "stamp" mode, making game creation as simple as ever!

  • Create and play on your Apple, Android and Kindle devices, and for the first time ever, create on the go with your handheld device.

  • Available in 11 languages, custom soundtrack and SFX, animated story sequences, and more!


2015 BAFTA Nominee for Children's Games

2016 KidsScreen Winner for Kids: Best Game App – Tablet

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Print the #GameWizard Starter Kit and Blank Sketch Sheets (20x20, 20x40, and 40x40)

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Start building now on paper, with up to 20 sheets!



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