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The outpour of support for Pixel Press has been nothing short of amazing.  Here is a collection of our favorites. For press inquiries, please email press@projectpixelpress.com.


"Coding a video game is laborious—but Bloxels aims to change that with its new paint-by-numbers style of programming."

Best of Toy Fair 2015

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"Bloxels lets you design video games using plastic blocks. Yes, really."

10 cool tech toys coming in 2015

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"Bloxels is a great tool for kids to learn design thinking...It's not exactly playing, it's creating." Read Article


"Bloxels is one of the rare apps that provides both instant gratifications and deeper learning journeys." Read Article

“Nintendo might not be building the Metroid of my dreams, but there could soon be an app that lets me do it myself.” Read Article


“Bloxels Makes Game Creation So Easy It's Taking Kids to GDC."

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“The germ of an idea for a true game-changer is there.” Read Article


Toys that Code Have Parental Appeal

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“As brands continually searching for new and entertaining means to engage consumers, Pixel Press will offer story creation processes to users on a basic level from day one, and ultimately more advanced features as the platform evolves.” Read Article


“With the new Bloxels kits, Pixel Press has completely transformed video game design to a tactile experience.“ Read Article

“Pixel Press combines the best of both of these worlds: creation and play.” Read Article

“Pixel Press appears to hit that sweet spot where technology, ambition and design come together to bring to life something you could once only dream about.” Read Article


"This could be the beginnings of a video game design fascination for kids that easily blossoms into a career."

Top 13 of Toy Fair 2015

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"Bloxels meets the high expectations it set for itself."

Top 10 of Toy Fair 2015

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"A perfect platform for the group to collaboratively create a game which not only did they have control over how it looked, but also the story behind the game...fantastic." Read Article



“ 'When I was your age, we played 8-bit games, we didn't build them.' That's what you'll be saying once your kids start creating their own games with Bloxels." Read Article

“Adding a digital dimension to a physical plaything...[and] getting it right." Read Article


“Rather than coding, children build games through tactile play -- computational thinking is part of the experience." Read Article




“The thoughtfulness of this learning tool literally blows me away." 

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“The app isn’t going to blow you away with cutting-edge game design. That’s not the point here. It’s about creation. It’s about nostalgic adults building the dream games they imagined as kids playing Nintendo. It about kids today seeing their own designs come to life.” Read Article


“Students will find that designing is more intuitive and easier to iterate when using hand-held blocks rather than traditional on-screen drag-and-drop programming tools." Read Article



“My boys, 3 and a half and 7, use and love [Bloxels]...they have all this self confidence in seeing their creations come to life. Read Article

“Might be the most magical thing you’ll hear about today.” Read Article

"Students are playing video games more than ever — on average, more than 13 hours per week. This time represents a huge educational opportunity." Read Article