Kickstarter & Paypal Pre-Orders

Pixel Press started with a Kickstarter campaign that was successfully funded in June 2013 and pre-orders were offered via Paypal through March 2014. 

Thank you to all who backed our project, you can learn more about redeeming your rewards below.

The Story of the Pixel Press Kickstarter & the Android Release

In March 2013 the team behind Pixel Press launched a concept video that quickly turned into a successful Kickstarter campaign in June 2013.

Daniel, Rob, Robin & Bradley at the Cartoon Network offices in Atlanta, GA in 2014.

Daniel, Rob, Robin & Bradley at the Cartoon Network offices in Atlanta, GA in 2014.

Shortly after the end of the Kickstarter campaign, a team was formed and they set out to release Pixel Press on Apple iOS in December 2013 and Android in June 2014. After a number of delays, up and downs, set backs and scope changes, the team released Pixel Press Floors to Apple iOS in April 2014 and hoped to release on Android soon after.

However, during the Kickstarter campaign, Pixel Press was fortunate enough to attract the attention of Cartoon Network and soon signed an agreement to bring Pixel Press to the Adventure Time universe set for a January 19, 2015 release to Apple iOS, Android and Kindle. You can read more about that announcement and the story behind it here.

The original intention was to bring Pixel Press Floors to Android, however those plans were unceremoniously delayed when it was realized the awesomeness (and sheer size!) of the game that was being built with Cartoon Network. Ultimately, it was decided that the opportunity to offer all our players deeper and better creator tools would benefit from the entire teams focus on one app. The Android release was delayed, pushed (no less than 3 times) and finally earmarked to be fulfilled through the release of Adventure Time Game Wizard, a decision that has had its fair share of controversy on social media.

With that decision behind us, we are now as excited as ever to be able to offer you not only the Pixel Press "Draw Your Own Video Game" experience on Apple iOS, Android and Kindle with Adventure Time Game Wizard, but also now allow you to create on both your mobile and tablet devices, right alongside Jake and Finn from Adventure Time.

Other big highlights of this next generation in our software include a full campaign mode, multiple bosses and enemies, multiple characters with unique abilities and upgrades, the ability to create larger levels using up to 20 rooms, support for 11 languages, and so much more! You can read all about it on our Adventure Time Game Wizard page here.

Thank you again for all your support, patience, and excitement! Keep reading below for more information on receiving your rewards.

I'm a backer, how do I get my reward for Apple iOS devices?

Pixel Press Floors is available on the Apple iOS App Store for iPad devices (Create & Play) and iPhone devices (Play only).

If you are a Kickstarter backer, you should have received an email in May 2014 with instructions on accessing your account and unlocking all paid features within the application. If you did not receive this email and are still interested in unlocking content in Pixel Press Floors, please email us  at

Here are step-by-step instructions to install the app and unlock the in-app-purchase content on your iPad.

1. Download the app here. It’s easiest if you click this link from your device.
2. Click “login” and then “Forgot password?”. Enter your exact Kickstarter or Paypal email address. 
3. Check your email. You should receive a link to reset your password; this can be done on your computer or your iPad. If you don’t see the email after a few minutes, check your SPAM folder.
4. Login with your email and new password. 
5. Check the store page and confirm in-app-purchases are marked as “Purchased”.
6. Enjoy!

You will also find see a screenflow for resetting your password here.

I'm an Android backer, how do I get my reward through Adventure Time Game Wizard?

If you were a backer of our Kickstarter campaign and backed at the Android level, or pre-ordered via Paypal and selected "Android" at checkout, expect to receive an email from us on January 19, 2015 with more information. If you do not receive that email and are an Android reward backer please email us at with the subject line "Android!"

We'll send you instructions on next steps for getting your hands on Adventure Time Game Wizard.

Outstanding Rewards (including iPhone & Android)

Most physical rewards (sketch pads, t-shirts, etc) were fulfilled by December of 2013. If you have not received these rewards please email us at

King Hippo, Bonus Credits, Badges & First 100 Level Badge

Our plans to release these digital items were delayed with our shift in focus to the Cartoon Network game, we'll be in touch with backers at this level in the future to award them new content in appreciation for their "above & beyond" support of our Kickstarter campaign. 

Digital Art Book, Printed Art Book

Backers expecting are to receive the digital art book or printed art book game box will be contacted directly when these rewards are available. We're way behind on this, but rest assured that we're still collecting great content from our story to share with you!

Konami Code

We took suggestions from our fans and came up with a great idea for the Konami code that we've added to Adventure Time Game Wizard, keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook accounts for hints on the code.