The most meaningful, lasting lessons are also entertaining.  

Storytelling is a magical experience, whether you’re the storyteller or an audience member. Storytellers get creative freedom to build, and attention focused on what they’ve done. Audiences get to have unique experiences with brand new, unique creations. At Pixel Press, we're driven to create experiences like this. Experiences that bring people together, activate their imagination, and offer opportunities to grow.

Play Architects

Our team has a passion for building fun experiences, including the tools and packaging that enables others to play: the framework, design, language and technology. 

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Design Thinking

It takes creative and analytical skills to solve a problem, and using these skills together is critical to learning. We build fun, playful experiences that also (stealthily) exercise the brain. 

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Off-Screen Fun

We believe that tangible play experiences will always be part of a great entertainment experience. That’s why it’s our mission to enable fun and play, both on- and off-screen.

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Digital Storytelling

There are many components to a digital experience, game or story: the narrative, the characters, the structure and the engagement. We bring them together for brands.

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