Save the Parents

Save the Parents was created by the Pixel Press team and is available as a design theme in Pixel Press Floors.


Welcome to Mercury, Ohio

It’s a town where, weird, astronomical phenomena are everyday occurrences. As long as anyone can remember there have been UFO sightings, strange radio transmissions, even the lake at the center of town was formed by a meteor impact. Some scientists believe the odd physiology of most Mercurians is due to ingesting the mysterious elements found in the town’s water (water that comes from Lake Meteora of course).

In Mercury, everyone thinks they’ve seen a UFO at some point in their life. But Flip knows he has. That’s why he formed C.O.M.E.T.T. (Children of Mercury, Extra-Terrestrial Trackers) along with his friends Melody, Miles, and WiFi. Together they keep an eye on the night sky, noting anything out of the ordinary. Including some otherworldly codes that have been picked up on WiFi’s satellites.

When the aliens from the planet Crux landed and began their invasion of Mercury, the Cometeers were ready for them. But it wasn’t the children the aliens were after. Instead, the Cruxian Foot Soldiers stole away the parents, shouting, “Only take the ripe ones!”


With all of the parents rounded up and taken away, The Cometeers regrouped and put together a plan.




Flip is the founder and leader of C.O.M.E.T.T. He’s a natural born athlete and plays just about every sport available at Mercury Middle.







Melody is the most studious of the crew. She loves extra-curricular activities and leads the Mercury Middle School Band.







Miles is Melody’s baby brother, but don’t take his small size for granted. This little guy is the meanest, toughest kid in the sandbox!








Wi-Fi is C.O.M.E.T.T.’s resident science expert. He can usually be found making some type of gadget out of anything he can find lying around.






The Aliens

Cruxian Footsoldiers and Slime Gliders are the two aliens the Cometeers will encounter on their mission. The foot soldiers are the infantry division of the Cruxian military. They’re the slime balls that took your parents. Slime Gliders are like the house pets of Crux…The really evil and disgusting house pets.