Fiddleheads: Stones of Eden

Fiddleheads: Stones of Eden was created by the Pixel Press team and is available as a design theme in Pixel Press Floors.

Brownies are tiny, mischievous creatures that like to raid human’s homes and “borrow” things to survive. The Fiddleheads are a family of these creatures living in a turn-of-the-century river town, and they’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Long ago when Gramps Fiddlehead was a young, strapping brownie, life wasn’t about scavenging. In fact, life was literally perfect. This perfection came from the Fiddlehead family having possession of the Stones of Eden. What are the Stones of Eden, you ask? Well, they’re a set of 3 stones that grant anyone in possession of them a utopian existence. So, because of these stones the Fiddlehead family always had everything they’d ever needed or dreamed of.

Unfortunately when you’re on top of the world, there’s nowhere to go but down. The joy and abundance that the Fiddleheads lived with made a certain evil cat and his rat henchman extremely jealous. There was no way they could stand by and let that family of brownie vermin have all the fun. So they hatched a plan to invade the Fiddlehead’s village and steal their stones. Their plan would’ve succeeded except that Gramps Fiddlehead was able to keep them from stealing one of the stones. So with two thirds of the stones gone, the Fiddleheads life went from utopia to completely awful in one fell swoop. In a courageous effort to keep the cat from coming back for the third stone, Gramps fled to the woods and has remained in hiding for many years.

Even in hiding Gramps has been able to keep his eye on his two favorite grandchildren, Figo and Harvey. He’s been watching and waiting for them to be ready to embark on a mission to get the stones back from the cat and restore the Fiddlehead’s old way of life.

This is where our game begins. Figo and Harvey are ready to fight, along side Gramps and Squirm, their rough and tumble earth worm pal. Choose your favorite character, and go get those stones back from the evil cat. Just watch out for the rats…they’re everywhere!


Redford “Gramps” Fiddlehead

He’s the Patriarch of the Fiddlehead family. After being in hiding for a multitude of years, he’s back and ready to fight!





Harvey Fiddlehead

Harvey is the youngest of the Fiddlehead grandchildren. He can be best described as rambunctious, but he’s also extremely capable.






Figo Fiddlehead

Figo is Harvey’s older sister. She’s taken care of him since he was a baby, so calling her nurturing is an under-statement. She won’t let anyone mess with her family.






Squirm “The Worm” Diddles

Squirm is the Fiddlehead’s rough and tumble earthworm pal. He lives underneath their barrel home, and will always jump at the chance for a fight with a rat or two. Especially if it helps his friends.





Cat’s Rat Army

The enemies that the Fiddlehead family will encounter on their quest are “soldiers” in the Evil Cat’s Rat Army. Some are merely on foot, while others ride around on their cockroach “horses” (making them even more disgusting, and hard to beat)